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Primula veris

Primula veris


Cowslip. Sweetly perfumed and widespread European plant, its natural habitat extends throughout large areas of eastern and western Europe, Iran, Siberia, Turkey, the upper Amur valley northeast of Mongolia, finally almost reaching the Pacific coast. A favourite in the British woodlands.

The plants grow well in well-drained neutral grassy fields or on banks, more open sites than usual for primroses  and also in light woodland.  Smaller in the open.  Don't think you can grow them here in grass unless it is very thin, weedy and damp. Our grass is a smotherer more often than not. Once flowering it will set seed and if you don't hoe or have huge plants everywhere babies will appear and clumps form. Heaven.

Lovely with snowdrops as seen in the woods at Terrace Station, or with Anemone nemerosa sheets of pale blue...

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