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Globularia meridionalis

Globularia meridionalis

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Neat little mounds of dark green foliage produce many globular, mid-blue flowers in late spring - early summer. A superb plant for a stone trough or tucked between stones on the rock garden, this is free-flowering, long-lived and easy to grow in good, well-drained soil or compost. About 7cm high when flowering. Slow and delicate for us to propagate but thrives once established. Very tight congested mounds of tiny dark green glossy leaves from which rich dark blue flowers emerge on short 10cm stems in summer. Ideal for trough or raised bed, slow growing. A small, spreading perennial from the Alps. Has small lance like, dark green leaves which are evergreen. Bears spherical heads of lavender, daisy like flowers. Flowers Dec-Feb. Hates being wet and loves a gritty, well drained neutral soil in full sun.

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