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Clematis quadribracteolata possibly a hybrid (my description)

Clematis quadribracteolata possibly a hybrid (my description)

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Rambling habit sun, roots in the cool. This is I believe a hybrid of C. quadribracteolata. In winter a tangled mass of very fine thread-like growth and tiny brownish leaves are interesting and are a great choice to place within shrubs that are a bit dull in winter or summer.  A plant for a smaller space. Flowering in Spring. I have a large (1m) plant of C. quadribracteolata and its is a different leaf form but they do have juvenile phases. so although the plants I am offering are two years old they may still be developing their final growth form. The flowers are devine in a collector-sort-of-way.  I love them with their  sweet perfume.  Photo from I naturalist while I try to find my plant. These are not the flowers of these seedlings. 

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