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Clematis marmoraria (male)

Clematis marmoraria (male)

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North-west Nelson marble clematis. Precious and rare, males only available, so flowers have stamens and last well.  Native to marble areas of NW Nelson. Large clematis like flowers on a diminutive creeping plant with underground stems which will eventually colonise quite a large area. Part sun, but not too hot for the root run, as for all clematis, like a little lime, perfect in a suitable container, cool crevices are a perfect place for them to grow. Please order.  These are small plants with a good root mass, although obviously a small leaf mass as very young. Just repotted. Slow growing but rewarding and flower well. Threatened in the wild where they grow deep in marble crevices.

Check out Celmisia bellidiodes, the two cohabit beautifully in my trough facing east next to the house.  A few plants available when it warms up

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